Pretty Good Solitaire

Pretty Good Solitaire 15.2

Developer Goodsol Development Inc.

Pretty Good Solitaire allows you to play 870 different Solitaire card games.

Wiz Solitaire

Wiz Solitaire 2.1

Developer Simone Tellini

Stylish collection of more than 25 classic card games.

Card Games

Card Games 4.3

Developer On Hand Software

A collection of 100 multi-featured, very different solitaires and card games to play. You will be ab...


Solitaire 32.0

Developer Iplay

Super Solitaire Deluxe includes about 450 solitaire card games such as FreeCell, Diplomat, Eighteens...


Spider Solitaire MAC Torrent

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire 2.0

Developer VilleMobile

The most popular Windows' solitaire game now is on your Palm.

Solitaire Master 3

Solitaire Master 3 1.0

Developer eGames

Solitaire Master 3 is a solitaire suite with 450 card games.

Hardwood Solitaire Deluxe

Hardwood Solitaire Deluxe 3.0

Developer Silver Creek Entertainment

Knock yourself out with a 101 different solitaire versions on this game!

Diamond Spider Solitaire

Diamond Spider Solitaire 1.0

Developer Media Contact LLC

Diamond Spider Solitaire is a set of card games based on the addictive spider.

Free Solitaire 3D

Free Solitaire 3D 6.6

Developer Grassgames

It's a game pack that includes over 80 variants of Solitaire games.

Spyde Solitaire

Spyde Solitaire 3.0

Developer Iplay

Play through over 29 brain-teasing levels or choose your favorite variation.

Spider Collection

Spider Collection 7.0

Developer Zonora Technologies

World's Largest Spider Solitaire Games Collection with 62 Spider Games.

Ancient Spider Solitaire

Ancient Spider Solitaire 32.0

Developer ToyboxGames Inc.

Get caught in a web of addictive fun with this version of Spider Solitaire.

Spidersol Spider Solitaire

Spidersol Spider Solitaire 8.1

Developer Softgame Company

SpiderSol Buddy - Pogo

SpiderSol Buddy - Pogo 3.3

Developer Play Buddy

The program shows you various hints when playing Spider Solitaire.


Spider Solitaire MAC Torrent

Funsol Spider Solitaire

Funsol Spider Solitaire 9.1

Developer Softgame Company

Torrent DVD To WMV Converter

Torrent DVD To WMV Converter 1.2

Developer Torrent, Inc.

Torrent DVD to WMV Converter is a powerful dvd converter.

Free Spider Solitaire

Free Spider Solitaire 3.0


Free Spider Solitaire is a free solitaire card game collection.

SolSuite Solitaire

SolSuite Solitaire 14.1

Developer TreeCardGames

SolSuite Solitaire is a high-quality collection of solitaire games.

Egyptian Spider Solitaire

Egyptian Spider Solitaire 1.1

Developer Solitaire Games

Egyptian themed Spider Solitaire card game played with two decks of cards.

Scorpion Solitaire 1 Suit

Scorpion Solitaire 1 Suit 1.0

Developer 24/7 Games LLC

Scorpion Solitaire One Suit is another variation of Spider Solitaire.

Free Spider Solitaire 2015

Free Spider Solitaire 2015 5.1

Developer TreeCardGames

Halloween Spider Solitaire

Halloween Spider Solitaire 2.1

Developer Solitaire Games

Halloween Spider Solitaire card game played with two decks of cards.

Candy Spider Solitaire

Candy Spider Solitaire 1.1

Developer Solitaire Games

Candy Spider Solitaire is candy themed card game played with two decks of cards.

Little Spider Solitaire

Little Spider Solitaire 1.0

Developer Novel Games Limited

Christmas Spider Solitaire

Christmas Spider Solitaire 1.2

Developer Solitaire Games

Christmas Spider Solitaire is Christmas themed card game played with two decks.

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